Virtually visit Charterhouse

While work continues with restoration at Charterhouse, we are able to bring you a virtual tour of this amazing building. This tour was created before work started, so you can see what the building was like before our contractors started their careful conservation work.

The virtual tour (below) allows you to look inside Charterhouse. Click around and explore!

About the virtual tour

The team from ScanTech Digital visited Charterhouse to document the building before we started restoration work. A high-resolution digital camera took 360° photographs of Charterhouse, whilst simultaneously scanning the building and capturing millions of laser points. These have been stitched-together to produce an accurate 3D photographic model, allowing you to wander around like in Google’s Street View, or explore using the ‘dollshouse’ feature (look for the symbol in the bottom-left of the virtual tour to explore).

These photographs and 3d models have helped the conservation team plan the renovation work, and create a record of how the building was before the careful restoration work started.